The Best Thing to
Happen to Real Estate
Since Buildings


the app

The Eastern Union app has all the tools, resources and knowledge you need to underwrite, value and finance a deal.

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our mission

By providing tools that simplify and streamline their work, we aim to help real estate professionals achieve greater success.
Registered users will have access to these amazing features, ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Complete Portfolio Management

Manage your entire portfolio in one place with access to all important documents, outstanding mortgage balance, early payment penalties and more.

Landlord – Tenant Messaging Tool



Know what your building is worth with free comps going as well as notifications on recent sales and closures in your area.

So Much More…

We are leading the commercial real estate community on this path of change, integrating technology in innovative ways. If you’d like a feature in your app, let us know and we’ll build it!

NYC Violations

In NYC, violations play a key role in real estate transactions. Our app puts up to date violations stats on every building in NYC at your fingertips.

about us

At Eastern Union we pride ourselves in being the nation’s most trusted commercial mortgage brokerage firm. Trust is the key component for success in the commercial real estate industry.

This trust is why we’re the nation’s second most active firm, closing $3 billion on average every year. The volume of deals we close had gained us keen insight into the needs of the industry. We have consistently leveraged this and built the most advanced technology the industry has ever seen giving our brokers a competitive advantage.


Today, we’re bringing this technology to the entire commercial real estate community in a streamlined, state of the art mobile app. It’s the best thing to happen to commercial real estate since, well… buildings.

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customize the app

Do you have an idea for a feature on our app?
Is there some industry related technology you’ve always wanted to develop but couldn’t?

We want to help you realize those visions! Let us know what piece of technology would help you work more efficiently, and we’d love to develop it for you. The widespread user base of our app lets us offer custom technology at a fraction of the normal cost. Speak to an Eastern Union App Services Representative today to learn more about how we can build your dream app.